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Today on the interwebs, many ladies I love to read/watch are posting videos to their teenage selves under the hashtag #dearme. Within they answer a not so simple question – If you could go back in time and give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Full disclosure, I haven’t actually watched any of these as I am at my place of work, but given the authors I have zero problem assuming that they will be brilliant, funny, heartwarming, and just generally amazing.

Felicia Day
Grace Helbig
Hannah Hart
Laci Green
Lindsey Stirling

Given these, I have to ask myself that very question. So, here’s my short because I’m only on lunch break answer. For better or worse.

Teenage T, you’re not a worthless chunk of human being. You are not unlovable. Your brain is going to tell you those things, and worse, for many years to come. Don’t believe it. You’re going to have your heart broken. More than once. You’re going to be angry, you’re going to say stupid things because you are angry. You will write things because you are angry that will both amuse and gut you to the core. This is kind of your thing. You will hide behind humor like a shield. The best people in the world will laugh at your terrible self-deprecating blend of words and carry on with you anyway. The world will be shitty. The world fucking sucks, dude, but you really will meet people who make it so much brighter than you know right now. Let people know you, the actual you. She is flawed, she is a walking contradiction, but she’s pretty awesome too. Make mistakes, ride the pain, strive to be better. Own your weird!

More later, work now…

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