Daily Tarot – Monday April 30th 2018

I have no idea how I’ll actually title these if I do this daily/when it strikes me.

This morning, in part because I was waiting for my work machine to do some junk and I work at home I decided to use the GoldenThread Tarot app I recently loaded a try. The app does two things very well from what I gather thus far. Daily card pulls and larger spreads you can either do completely with the app or from your own deck. I’ve decided since the daily pull is part of it that I will do that every day regardless, but that when I can I will also do a daily pull from one of my own decks. Mostly just curious how often the two will vibe off each other and to see what insight/thoughts the meanings can give to my day.

So, let’s roll, shall we?

GoldenThread Card

III of Pentacles Reversed

Key Phrases: lack of teamwork, disorganized, group conflict, competition

Meaning: Missing camaraderie and collaboration is highlighted here. Where you should be working together for the service fo a greater good, there seems to be some disorganization fo self-interest that is getting in the way.

My Thoughts: Work was absolutely on my mind when I pulled both of these cards today. There’s been some animosity brewing and I fear my own actions and inaction are just making things worse. I’m feeling not the same tension I did that made me want to leave my last position but an overall tension and twinge that maybe what I really want to do can’t be done so I’m stuck here in this circle of seeming success while inside I’m still just a dumb kid that wants everyone to get along.

Universal Rider Waite Card

IV of Swords Reversed

Key Phrases: restlessness, burnout, stress

Meaning: All of life’s struggles have been hard on you, and yet you continue to push forwards without giving your body and spirit time to rest and recover from the challenges. Not allowing life to defeat you is important, but it is also important to take a moment of peace, so you can move with more energy for the days to come.

My Thoughts: I took the weekend as a hermit weekend hoping the excessive time by myself would recharge my soul a bit. In some ways it worked, but as I noted to J today my body got rest but it doesn’t feel that my brain or heart got very much.

I don’t really want to go too deep with all this but I will so both cards made me laugh out loud in a nervous ‘well, fuck’ kind of way.

I don’t know that this is something I could viably do every day, but when the cards strike me to, I will.

If nothing else, this gives me new instagram fodder and I’ll take that any day.