You sir, are an asshole

Dude…I miss you.

Every time I learn some new nerdy thing I get all excited and then I remember…and I get mad and sadpants…

M and I went to see your parentals the other weekend. They seem as ok as they can be and as adorable as always. Wish I hung out at your house more but I didn’t know you when you lived there the first time.

Think I found a house – hoping it stays on the market/going to go check it out soonish. There’s a bathroom under a staircase which has led me down a path of being obsessed with decorating it HP style. You’d dig that or at least get a chuckle I hope.

I’m dying to read M’s book but I don’t want to until he’s ready for me to. E’s hanging in there – game night at her place this weekend should be fun times. Why’d you keep us apart man? I don’t get you sometimes…

Work is still going well – really happy to be in a place that’s this chill and I still get to do crap I haven’t before/learn new thingies. NEW THINGIES!

For serious though, I miss yer face…douche canoe.

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