Silver Linings

Every cloud has a silver lining…

Sweet little cliche’s line up like soldiers to be executed.

“Silver Lining” seems to be a theme in my life the past couple months. I have been obsessively devouring Jenny Lewis’ new album, Voyager as well as rolling through my catalog of Rilo Kiley. For reasons I will merely allude to, I have avoided this band in particular for nearly a year purely for emotional reasons. Ties run too deep to handle those bullet holes.

In addition, I consumed the audio book for Matthew Quick’s “The Silver Linings Playbook”. I won’t spoil the book’s contents despite the age of it and the fact it’s long since been turned into a film. The aspect of it sticking with me is the mind of the main character and the person to whom he ends up connecting to most. I remain uncertain regarding my feelings on the portrayal of mental illness in Quick’s writing and curious of his own experience (first or second hand) with those afflicted in some degree.

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